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When kings collect stamps, interesting collection can be formed. When a king becomes an ex-king, many collectors have an opportunity to become, the one who would be king by acquiring…


  • 1895, Nov.
    1895, Nov. 1895, NOVEMBER - THE FIRST ISSUE - THE WINTER FESTIVALS FOUNDATION, CAIRO (Unissued) Typographed by Thomas de la Rue, London. Perforated 14, watermarked Crescent and Star sideways to the right. They were printed in panes…
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Offical Stamps

  • 1893, JANUARY
    1893, JANUARY Stamp with unexpressed value, typographed by Thomas De La Rue & Co., London. Perforated 14 x 13 3/4, watermarked Crescent and Star (wide and upright until 1914, narrow and sideways thereafter).paper : unsurfaced paper 1893…
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Postage Due Stamps

  • 1904, November
    1904, November Postage due stamps of 1889 surcharged in blackTypographed by the Government Printing Works, Boulac
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Express Mail

  • 1952, January 16
    1952, January 16 Overprint of Arabic "King of Egypt and the Sudan - 16 October 1951" Perforated: 131/4 x 131/2, watermarked Crown and Arabic F Color Trials: Color trials of the overprint were discovered when the Palace Collection…
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Army Post

  • 1939, December
    1939, December Photogravure, Survey Department, Cairo. Perforated: 131/4 x 131/2 Watermarked Crown and Arabic F QuantityCancelled on reverse3m. 20010m. 300 Oblique perforation3m 40010m 600 3m yellow-green10m pale carmine/deep carmine
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Issues for Palestine

  • Palestine (Gaza strip)
    Palestine (Gaza strip) Early on 15' May 1948—the day following the end of the British Mandate over Palestine.Egyptian forces, advancing on two different fronts, occupied a number of towns in the former Palestine Mandate area. Apparently at some…
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Miniature Sheet

  • 1999, DECEMBER 10
    1999, DECEMBER 10 1999, DECEMBER 10 - 1999 NOBEL PRIZE FOR CHEMISTRY - Dr. AHMED ZEWAIL Offset lithography by the Postal Printing House.Imperforate, size 70 x 50 mm.Watermark No,Quantity: 40,000,designer: Abdallah Khalil El-Badeih MS72 A 125 piastres multicolored…
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